What Our Customers Have to Say

“Just want to say thank you for this program and the support group. For the last several years, I have had some type of massage therapy every 3-6 weeks to keep my neck, shoulders and back moving and pain free. Due to lockdown, this hasn’t been possible. I would usually be in pain by now and relying on my collection of self-massage tools daily to loosen rock-like muscles. Instead, I have just been following the exercises and am pretty much pain free. The exercises also give me immediate relief when needed. I’m only on week 4 (shoulder fix) and am looking forward to seeing the effects of correcting my posture over time.”

Helen J

“I got the PFP to fix pain issues, starting with my neck. Almost 1 year ago I was in a serious auto accident and followed up with several chiropractic treatments which offered some relief to my twisted spine. Long story short, I clicked on of your videos on Saturday and struggled to do it. When I got up off the floor, the pain that had been worsening all year in my sacrum and hip area dissipated. I was stunned and hesitantly told my husband adding it seemed “too good to be true.” I am forever grateful for this program you created, and have felt energy flowing through my body, which has not happened for a year. Thank you a million times over.”

Ginny A

“You are a miracle worker! I am 71 years old and have suffered from hip pain when I sleep that was so bad I used to have to get up and walk around to relieve it. Two days on the exercise you recommended specifically for hips TOTALLY fixed the problem. Two Days!!!!”


I want to share my progress so far. My shoulder still hurts a bit but range of motion is 70% back. And the pain is not as sharp as before.

Back in April I made a mistake of completely limiting movement in this shoulder in a hope that it would heal. Instead, I lost all range of motion and the pain got worse.
A Neuro-Muscular specialist recommended that I get an ultrasound and suggested that there must be something really wrong.

Thanks to this program I am already getting better. And I am quite confident that my shoulder is going to be back to normal even before 8 weeks as yesterday morning I was able to raise my arm to my nose level.

And, today, I am able to raise my arm 4 inches higher than yesterday! Progress of 4 inches a day feels so incredible!

Euginia A