Pain Fix Nutrition

Turn Every Meal into a Powerful Step Toward Resolution of Your Chronic Pain

Introducing Pain Fix Nutrition: The Missing Link for Conquering Chronic Pain & Reclaiming Your Life

You want to eat healthy and live pain-free, but so many things are working against you.

There are more than 1.5 billion people in the world suffering from chronic pain. The majority of those people could significantly reduce, and even eliminate their suffering with the right nutritional strategies and a few simple lifestyle modifications.

Discover the Critical Link Between What's On Your Fork and Your Pain – What You Don't Know Is Very Likely Hurting You!

The problem is they don’t know the correct strategy and they don’t have the right tools – and what’s worse, they don’t realize that what they are eating now (and very often, what they are not eating) is making their problems worse.

Everyone knows that they should “eat healthy,” but very few people understand what that means – in actual practice.

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There are so many diets out there these days – there are diets designed for: detoxification, gut health, heart health, increasing bone density, enhanced athletic performance, muscle gain, improving your mood and of course weight loss.

But those diets rarely, if ever, connect the dots between a person’s eating habits and their pain levels. In fact…

It’s pretty rare for the words 'chronic pain' and 'food' to even be mentioned in the same sentence.

And that feeds directly into one of the BIGGEST mistake that people make when thinking about their chronic pain…

This idea that you need to find the ONE thing that’s causing the problem. Here’s the thing…

The vast majority of the time, there is no one thing!

Typically, there are numerous factors that come together & intersect to create and perpetuate a chronic pain problem.

And to resolve these types of complex problems, you need to look at your physical structure, how you move, sleep patterns and your entire lifestyle, including paying special attention to how and what you eat.

Breaking the Vicious Cycle: How Modern Diets Starve Your Body While Filling Your Plate

Unveiling the Hidden Agony Behind Nutrient-Depleted Foods – The Untold Story of Hunger and Pain

So much of what people eat nowadays is horribly deficient in actual nutrients. And because our bodies require these substances, the drive to eat goes up after eating, but the the vast majority of what most people eat these days lacks them. 

You end up in a cycle of eating, but your body is not getting what it needs… so it signals for more food.

And in the case of highly-processed “franken-foods” that make up 60% of the American diet, food scientists have purposely stripped away all the nutrients to optimize palatability & maximize consumption.

The end result is that you end up craving foods that do not nourish your body NOR satisfy your hunger.

But there’s a lot more to it than that…

What no one is talking about is the effect that consuming these foods has on the pain you experience. 

Much of what people eat nowadays is directly contributing to the worldwide chronic pain epidemic.

Not only that, but the bulk of what makes up the modern diet actually creates serious nutritional deficiencies that are potent drivers of pain and inflammation.

The sad truth is that what you’re NOT getting in your diet is a known cause of many of the most common chronic pain problems including: 

These are just a few of the more common signs of nutritional deficiency.

I’ve spent the last 18 years in clinical practice treating thousands of chronic pain patients and learning firsthand about the myriad of factors that can contribute to chronic pain.

Working with those people and seeing them overcome chronic pain and regain enjoyment of their life is one of deepest satisfactions I have ever known.

What I have found is that chronic pain can have numerous causes – and diet is ABSOLUTELY one of the most important.

That’s why I created the Pain Fix Nutrition.

Do you want to fix your chronic pain by eating the right foods and not eating the pain-causing ones?

Solving the puzzle of chronic pain can be a real challenge.

There are just so many factors to consider…

In the highly-specialized landscape that is modern-day medicine, even intelligent and well-meaning practitioners have a tendency to become so hyper-focused on one set of factors, that they wind up completely overlooking something important.

And it’s precisely those types of missed opportunities that are responsible for keeping millions of people trapped in chronic pain.

Pain problems remain “undiagnosed” and people wander from one practitioner to the next – sometimes for years (or even decades) – in search of answers.

And yet … In a majority of these cases, a handful of easy-to-implement strategies could make the difference between pain & suffering and enjoying life.

In the years since 2006, I’ve worked with thousands of chronic pain sufferers.

Nourish to Flourish: How Your Next Meal Could Be Your Next Step Out of Pain

Picture your dining table as the starting line of a journey to be free of pain once and for all.

It never ceases to amaze me how the exact same issues crop up over and over again and contribute to the most common pain conditions in the world.

What’s even more impressive is to see what happens when you give a person all of the things they require to be healthy (and teach them how to modify, alter or remove the factors that detract from their health & wellbeing).

Some of the most impactful moments of my life have occurred while watching people overcome chronic pain: The flash of a smile, tears of joy, hearing them laugh (for the first time in years) and seeing the light come back into a person’s eyes.

#1: Start with this nutrient

There is one nutrient that is linked directly to:

Unfortunately, as much as 75% of adults are seriously deficient in it.

Worse, what most people consume further contributes to the this wide-spread deficiency and exacerbates both pain & inflammation. 

#2 Stop rewiring your brain for chronic neuro-inflammation

Chronic neuro-inflammation is one of the MAIN DRIVERS of chronic pain.

And the foods we eat can have a dramatic effect on our level of neuroinflammation. Among other things, neuroinflammation:

Learn to stop this rewiring the right away with Pain Fix Nutrition. 

Instead increasing pain levels, every meal moves you closer and closer to pain-free! 

The bottom line is...

Each and every meal you consume is an opportunity  to move in the direction of pain resolution (or deeper into pain). 

#3: Address blood sugar’s impact

Blood sugar has a profound impact on inflammation and pain. The ability to manage blood sugar empowers you to regulate your body’s response to food and especially inflammation.

But you need the right strategies…

We’ll cover easy-to-implement strategies (and action steps) for putting blood sugar to work for you in order to reduce inflammation & pain.

#4: Discover body composition’s role in chronic pain

Your body composition contributes to pain (both directly and indirectly. Dysfunctional fat cells are dangerous and they have a profound effect on pain-causing inflammation.

That’s why you’ll get strategies to improve the health and function of your fat cells, With healthy fat cells, you’ll experience less pain and anxiety, better sleep, greater body satisfaction – and an easier time with your daily activities.

Bottom line: Your quality of life will improve.

Here’s what you’ll learn in Pain Fix Nutrition:

In the Pain Fix Nutrition program, you’ll discover a wealth of knowledge to transform your relationship with food and alleviate chronic pain.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

1. The Power Foods

Discover the scientifically proven foods that create an inner anti-inflammatory environment, working to decrease pain from within.

2. The Inflammatory Culprits

Identify the kinds of foods that trigger a rapid increase in inflammation within hours of consumption, exacerbating your pain

3. Anti-Inflammatory Champions

Learn about the remarkable foods that have been shown to dramatically reduce inflammation within hours of eating, providing you with much-needed relief.

4. Pain Sensitivity Revealed

Explore the surprising connection between certain foods and increased pain sensitivity, empowering you to make informed choices that promote pain reduction.

5. Arthritis and Beyond

Delve into the realm of specific foods that have been scientifically proven to alleviate pain associated with arthritis and numerous other pain conditions.

Pain Fix Nutrition is a comprehensive resource that empowers you to take charge of your pain management journey. You’ll be equipped to make informed dietary choices that support a life of reduced pain and enhanced well-being.

"Chronic pain is a brutal thing to live with"

You owe it yourself to make every meal an delicious step away from chronic pain and toward greater health and vitality.

Here's Everything You Get When You Invest Today

Let me put this into perspective; if you were to come to my clinic, the initial visit alone would cost more than the price of this program. The average total cost for a chronic pain treatment plan is $4,500.

Because you’ve invested this time with me today and demonstrated that you’re highly motivated to free yourself from pain, I’m making a special offer.

Because my goal is to offer every person suffering with pain as much information and as many science-backed tips, tools and strategies for eliminating pain as possible, I’m going to give you even more.

I teamed up with leading experts in the fields of health / wellness & neuroscience to add even more layers to this program. For people that sign up for Pain Fix Nutrition in its first release, I will offer two special bonuses:

Bonus # 1

Reducing Pain & Inflammation With Vagus Nerve Stimulation

I demonstrate and explain the science behind a simple daily practice that can slash pain and inflammation with almost zero effort.

Bonus # 2

Healing Through Neuroplasticity with Dr. Eleanor Stein

The science of neuroplasticity and practical strategies for overcome chronic pain.

Your Investment $3,850 $179 (One-Time Payment)

Module 1 - Hydration-Pain Link

Module 2 - Plant Food Magic

Module 3 - Fat & Inflammation

Module 4 - The Pain of Blood Glucose

Module 5 - Why Protein Matters

Module 6 - The Missing Piece

Pain Fix Masterclass Total Value:

($650 Value)

Summaries & Solutions

($425 Value)

Resources eBook

($750 Value)

Progress Tracker

($125 Value)

4 Live PFN Members Only Q&A Sessions

($600 Value)

Bonus #1: Healing Through Neuroplasticity with Dr. Eleanor Stein

($650 Value)

Bonus #2: Reducing Pain & Inflammation With Vagus Nerve Stimulation

($650 Value)


Decision Time

If movement in positive direction is going to happen, it all starts with a simple decision…

And that is what you want to do. As I see it, you have a couple of choices:

Choice # 1 – Take Action. Move forward! See what happens to the results you’re getting when you start giving your body what it needs.

Choice # 2 – Do nothing and try to live with the pain you have. I never push people to work with me. I want to help you resolve your pain. But nothing will change unless you decide to take action.

Jump into this program with both feet & see what Pain Fix Nutrition can do for you!

The great news here is that you have nothing to lose. I’m so confident that this program will reduce or eliminate your pain that I’m giving you a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Here’s the real question: Is it worth a few minutes of your time to check this out?

Even if Pain Fix Nutrition only reduces your pain by fifty percent, your life will be that much better for it.

You don’t live in pain. You have the power to break your pain cycle – all you need are the right tools and the correct strategy.

Of course, you can also choose to do nothing… 

Or worse, you can follow the erroneous advice of conventional medicine and:

  • Use pain killers and block the critically important messages that your body is desperately trying to get you to hear.
  • Take muscle relaxants and completely disregard the reasons that your body brought those muscles into a state of spasm in the first place (and spending precious resources to do so).
  • And ignore the role of diet, which is one of the most crucial factors in getting people out of pain.

Why suffer needlessly? Let Pain Fix Nutrition show you how to get rid of your pain for good and get back to loving life!

Invest in Pain Fix Nutrition – You’re going to get all – A total value of over $3,850 for just $179! Who would’ve thought that for just a few hundred dollars you could radically change your life?

Start Eating to Eliminate Your Pain!