3 Secrets to Become Pain-Free Without Doctors, Drugs, or Surgery

  • The New Science Of Pain Resolution
  • How To Reinvent Your Posture
  • Build A More Youthful Body

Dr. Yoni Whitten

Free Live Webinar on June 26th, at 12:00 pm Eastern Time


  • The path to permanently eliminating your chronic pain
  • Powerful strategies to improve your posture (and why it’s key to fixing pain)
  • How moving better directly translates to decreased pain
  • The counterintuitive “weighting” strategy to fix your posture 
  • How to breathe better & energize your body
  • Why your spinal posture is a major factor in your LONGEVITY
  • The #1 factor in fixing pain (something I call “Kinetic Flow”) & how to put it work for you

About Your Presenter

Dr. Yoni Whitten is an expert in movement and human performance. He has a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology with specializations in nutrition and health as well as Doctorate of Chiropractic. Dr. W’s post doctoral training has focused mainly on rehabilitation, functional neurology, wellness & longevity. He has spent that last 15 years in clinical practice helping people to resolve complex chronic pain problems and his clinic in Southern California is affectionately known as “the last stop for people with chronic pain.” Now he’s created a system that empowers people to resolve their their pain and take back their lives all on their own. 

Dr. Yoni Whitten

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