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How To Customize Your Pillow

Anatomy Of The Pain Fix Pillow™

The Pain Fix Pillow has four, independent sleep zones. Each of these zones serve different purposes and offer multiple options for configuring the pillow to suit your specific needs.

Zones 1 and 2, are located at the top and bottom of the pillow. These zones are designed to support the normal secondary curve of your neck and maintain an open airway while you are back sleeping. If the normal curvature of your neck has been lost, these two zones can also be used to re-introduce the normal lordosis into your neck while you sleep at night. 

At full loft (maximum height), the neck “roll” of Zone 1 has a diameter of about 12 inches. The neck roll of Zone 2 is slightly larger and has a fully stuffed diameter of about 13 inches making this zone ideally suited for taller individuals or people with a longer neck. 

Fill in these regions should be adjusted to suit your comfort level while lying on your back. Zones 1 and 2 should never be used for side sleeping.      

Zones 3 and 4, are located at the left and right sides of the pillow. These zones are designed to take pressure off your neck & shoulders and maintain optimal spinal support while you are sleeping on your side. 

Fill in these zones should be adjusted while lying on your side on your mattress. When determining the right loft (fill) in these zones, you must take in account multiple factors –

Including the width of shoulders and how hard or soft your sleep surface is. When you’ve got these zones set just right, your nose, chin and sternum will all be in line with one another when you’re in a side lying position.