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Hey, Affiliates!

Thank you SO much for supporting The Pain Fix Protocol! Your participation in this program, will enable us to reach hundreds of thousands of people around the world who are suffering from chronic pain. The PFP uses a safe, scientifically backed and clinically proven strategy to empower these people to eliminate their pain, move better, do more and get their lives back.

This page has everything you need to successfully promote the Pain Fix Protocol Funnel:

  1. AFFILIATE PORTAL & LINKS: Your InfusionSoft login info and links.

  2. IDEAL PROMO SCHEDULE: Below you will find the ideal promotion schedule to maximize your earnings.

  3. EMAIL SWIPE: The email copy to mail out to your audience during your promo.

  4. GRAPHICS: If you want to use any images in your emails, web pages, or ads, you can find those below.

1 – Affiliate Portal & Links

IMPORTANT!  All links are generated in InfusionSoft. Be sure to USE ONLY INFUSIONSOFT LINKS TO PROMOTE the Pain Fix Protocol. 


  • To get your affiliate links, check stats, and update your account info in InfusionSoft, LOG IN HERE.
    To change or reset your password CLICK HERE.

  • To create an affiliate account CLICK HERE. Shortly after you sign up, you will receive a welcome email, from someone on our team, that will contain all your promo assets and instructions.


Follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to InfusionSoft with your user name and password.
    Click “Link Generator” – You will find it in the gray menu on the left side  – it’s under the “Resources” tab. 
    That will bring you to a page titled “Create Tracking Links”. On the far right, under the title “My Tracking Link” – You will find the links you need to use to promote. 
    Most of you will be using the link for the “Webinar Registration Page” (the last one) to promote our live events. 

***It’s SUPER IMPORTANT that you cut and paste your tracking link exactly as it’s written. This is what enables us to accurately track your opt-ins.

Please email [email protected] if you have any questions about this process.

2 – Ideal Promo Schedule To Maximize Your Earnings…

To maximize your conversions by up to 5X, you should mail to your list 3-4 times in the 5-day period leading up to the Live Webinar.

Be sure to send email reminders the morning of and ideally, a few hours before the Webinar.

After the live Webinar, mail the replay link to the segment of your list that did not attend the live event. Then, do one final push the last day that registration is open (cart close day) – this will happen 5 days after the Live Webinar.

Doing a send to Unopens after each email will boost your EPCs very significantly.

The ideal promo schedule is as follows:

– Email #1: Send 4 or 5 Days Out from the Live Webinar

– Email #2: Send 2-3 Days Out from the Live Webinar

– Email #3: Send The Morning of the Live Webinar.

– Email #4:: Send a few HOURS before the Live Webinar
– Email #5: Send the Day AFTER the Live Webinar (Send the REPLAY LINK to those that were UNABLE TO ATTEND the live EVENT.)
– Email #6: Sales push (4 days after the webinar)


If you cannot do the full schedule, a less than ideal promo schedule might look like this:

– Email #1: 3 Days Out from the Live Webinar (plus send to unopens)

– Email #2: The Morning of the Live Webinar.

– Email #3: The Day AFTER the Live Webinar

– Email #4: Sales push (4 days after the webinar)


It’s been proven that EPC earnings will be in proportion to how much or how little you promote. If you want to reach a $3.50 EPC or higher, it’s best to follow the recommended promo schedule. The affiliates who have followed the recommendations have said that they’ve made more from this offer than any other offer they have ever promoted. 

3 - Email Swipe

4 - Graphics

Thank You

Your support is what’s going to help 1000s of people eliminate their pain take back their lives!  Thank you so much for your help – I appreciate you!

If you have any questions, please reach out to my support team at [email protected] 


Dr. Yoni Whitten